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Speaking Testimonials

“Kudos to Robin Sherman! Your talk was transformational. Your tools relevant and practical. So glad I was there to witness it.”

– Vanessa C.

“Such a powerful teaching with pointed questions, provocative information. You Rock!”

– Denise D.

Coaching Testimonials

“Robin uses an effective four-part system in her skillful Vibrant Well-Being coaching. She helped me review where I am currently and clarify where I want to go and uncover my deeper desires. We identified areas that might be holding me back from my aspirations – old patterns and stories I was continuing to use and believe, that weren’t true. With renewed energy I’m moving forward.

Robin is a caring and generous individual who is genuinely interested in helping others realize their deeper truths and dreams. She also rejoices in the small and larger breakthroughs that come about, while working together. Robin helped propel me forward in my new desired direction. I appreciate you and your coaching Robin – thank you!

– Rachel G

Robin’s coaching style is effective, refreshing, compassionate and it works!! She has an ability to create a space and hold it for her clients. She does so lovingly & without judgement, where one can feel safe. This in turn allows for the ‘real work’ to happen.

I was going through a difficult time: I felt lost and was looking for help. I contemplated going to see a therapist, but somehow new that ‘talk therapy’ although it can be helpful wasn’t truly what I needed. I wanted something that would support a healthy, lasting evolution. I wanted tangible changes. 

This is why when I saw what Robin was offering as a transformational coach, I decided to invest in myself and try a new way. I am so grateful to Robin, for guiding and offering fruitful methods, valuable tools and genuine encouragement. So excited and JOYful for my new path that is forged. 

Thank you, Robin. 💜🙏 “

– Melanie

I started working with Robin and I have found a peace within, a deeper connection to what I am needing as I listen to my guidance.  I came into our coaching sessions struggling with the changes in my family, a sense of being overwhelmed as to how I could show up without feeling I didn’t belong. How could I set boundaries for my needs when I was constantly questioning myself, realizing somewhere along the way I forgot who I was.   

During our time together one of the biggest insights was realizing the fear of not belonging/ abandonment. How this was holding me back from authentically being me.  I saw that I had let the fear overtake my zest for life. I learnt to pause and listen both for myself and also those around me. I remember how to laugh even at myself again.

I am so very grateful I took the step to work with Robin, her gentle insight & guidance into the darker places I was hiding in, allowed me to see and remember who I am.  The clarity of listening to my inner guidance, the ability to let go of old stories that were holding me stuck, and allowing myself to feel empowered and to embrace and step into who I truly am.  

Robin is a truly compassionate coach, and I am very grateful I have worked with her over these past months, she will be a constant source of support as I continue on my path of life.

– Delle V.

“Before working with Robin, I was trapped in a 34-year-long marriage that was crumbling, leaving me overwhelmed with anxiety and despair. My young adult children were being pulled away from me, and I felt like a helpless victim, fearing that I would lose them too.

Robin’s guidance was nothing short of transformative. Through our work together, I not only discovered a newfound sense of self-worth but also acquired practical tools to communicate with both power and grace. This shift in perspective allowed me to navigate my challenging circumstances with resilience.

Now, I am not only at peace with myself but have also cultivated healthy relationships with my children. I’ve even taken a bold step forward by moving into a new, nurturing environment where I can truly thrive. Robin’s support has been instrumental in turning my life around, and I’m immensely grateful for the tangible results I’ve achieved with her guidance.

– Jean N.

Meditation Testimonials

“I’m so grateful to have recently completed the Primordial Sound Meditation classes, taught by Robin Sherman. Over the years, I’ve tried various meditation tapes, books, etc. and self-taught approaches. I found it difficult to concentrate and I’d eventually stop in frustration at my failure to succeed. With Robin’s knowledgable, passionate teachings and gentle guidance in PSM, I understand and accept that my practice is ever evolving. I’m comforted knowing that my meditation is not always “perfect”… whatever that is…? Now that I know HOW to meditate, I’m so inspired to continue the practice and the journey into my soul. Personally, with the loss of my husband fifteen months ago, and subsequent challenges, I feel like I’ve been thrown a lifeline. 

Thank you, Robin!

– Judy E.

“Before working with Robin, I was interested in meditation and had difficulty making it a regular practice. Other things always seemed to come first. I was starting a 40-day abundance meditation, and I was looking for some tools to help my meditation practice stick.

During my work with her, I had the breakthrough that a meditation practice is doable. It is like building muscle. Robin provided me with a personal mantra and explained how it works with a meditation practice. Explaining how the mantra works was insightful. She is an excellent teacher and models incorporating meditation into a daily routine. 

As a result of working with her, I was able to graduate from guided meditation to be able to do it on my own and for longer durations. It helped me to have perspective and to act mindfully. This powerful practice led to attracting clients to my business and signing my first large client! Incorporating meditation into my daily routine has been a game-changer! Thank you Robin!”

– E.O.

“Robin’s Primordial Sound Meditation course is such a blessing, I will always treasure and be forever grateful for this life changing practice. I have never been able to meditate regularly, despite many attempts over the years. Robin explained the physical and spiritual changes and benefits that occur with a regular PSM practice in a way that resonated on a deep level with me. Most importantly, she was open to questions and provided clear explanations, coupled with positive encouragement and gentle guidance with no judgments (even when I expressed concerns that I wasn’t doing it ‘right’).

– Barbi F.

“I didn’t know much about meditation when I started with Robin. I’ve been bombarded with mind clutter I have never meditated before and never thought I would have the patience or self discipline to do so. Well this course was life changing. Robin is extremely knowledgeable and patient. She taught me the history and principles of of primordial meditation. And most of all she taught me very useful techniques on how to stay focused and deepen my practice and meditation. Robin did an excellent job explaining primordial sound meditation and it made so much sense to me. After my first session I felt lighter and happier and had more energy than I usually do that time of day. I was shocked when I completed a 30 minute meditation. I continue to practice and I am now eager to have Robin teach my sons (20 and 17) this powerful tool.

– Lisa C.

“Recently I participated in Robin Sherman’s Primordial Sound Meditation course. I have never meditated before and never thought I would have the patience or self discipline to do so. Well this course was life changing. Robin is extremely knowledgeable and patient. She taught me the history and principles of of primordial meditation. And most of all she taught me very useful techniques on how to stay focused and deepen my practice and meditation. I highly recommend this course as I am sleeping better, I feel energized, mentally more focused and tolerant. Thank you Robin! And I love my mantra!

– Caryl P.

“My daughter and I had the pleasure to share in the experience of taking a private 4 Lesson Meditation Course with Robin from Meditate Effectively. The course far exceeded my expectations in what I have learned and how I will carry these teachings forward into my personal life. I honestly wish I had learned about and been involved in Meditation at a much younger age. I am so happy my 23 year old daughter joined me in this wonderful life experience. Robin shares all of her knowledge and passion in every session and gives you all the tools to incorporate Meditation into your daily life for the BETTER.

– Val O.

“Super great class, really happy I decided to take it! Informative, easy to follow, and all-around a great experience.

– Jess O.

“Robin is a gentle & patient teacher with no judgment, so I agree with previous reviews. My daughter & I took the class together and Robin makes you feel comfortable and safe. I appreciated that we had the opportunity to learn & meditate together. Robin made sure to ask if we had any questions & let us know that she is available for us. Each week I looked forward to our session & the time flew by. Thank you for bringing meditation into our lives!

– Karen B-R

“As someone who was introduced to meditation years ago (but seldom practiced), I highly recommend Robin’s Introduction to Primordial Sound Meditation course. It has helped to greatly reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being at a time when I was feeling frustrated and burned out. After taking her course, I feel more positive and more in control. 

This course is a must for anyone seeking a way to feel calmer and to have more positivity in their life. The course works beautifully as both an introduction to meditation and as a re-introduction, providing an opportunity to make PS meditation a part of daily life.

Robin guides you through many aspects of traditional spiritual knowledge with patience, providing context, answering questions and encouraging comments and participation. She shares personal experiences and delights in hearing about other people’s thoughts and experiences as well.

Her guided meditation sessions allow you to practice with her and afterwards, ask questions and discuss the experience. She offers suggestions, helping you to progress at your own pace and experience the benefits of PS Meditation for yourself.

Whether you have practiced meditation in the past, are new to primordial sound meditation or are interested in learning about meditation for the first time, you will have the opportunity to bring peace and calm into your life and take control of your emotions and attitudes. I recommend this course to everyone! Take this course!

– Mark R.

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