Welcome Robin to Your Group!

Step into a world filled with warmheartedness, infectious humor, and valuable perspectives. Robin’s passion is not just contagious; it’s transformative. Her unwavering mission is crystal clear: to empower individuals to embrace happier, more balanced lives through the remarkable journey of resilience and self-exploration.

Get ready to embark on a path of personal growth and empowerment unlike any other. Welcome to a life-changing experience with Robin.

Why Choose Robin?

Robin’s Journey is a blend of personal experience and professional expertise. As a Coach, happiness Trainer, and Meditation Instructor, she creates a unique learning environment filled with empathy, compassion, and non-judgement. When Robin speaks, she doesn’t just address the audience; she connects with them on a deep level.

What to Expect

When Robin steps onto the stage, she brings more than just words. She brings a transformative experience. Her talks are not just speeches; they’re conversations that leave you feeling inspired and ready to take action.

Book Robin for Your Next Function

If you’re searching for a speaker who not only captivates the audience but also leaves hearts aglow, Robin is your extraordinary choice. Her gift of genuine connection and the ability to inspire creates an experience that endures. Invite Robin to your next gathering and witness the enchanting transformation that unfolds, leaving everyone deeply moved and inspired.

Robin Speaks on The Following Topics:

  • 4 keys to Unleash Inner Happiness and Create a Legacy
  • Intro to Mantra Meditation and Breath-work
  • Have a topic in mind? Share your thoughts with Robin! Your ideas shape the conversation, so don’t hesitate to let her know what you’re interested in discussing.

What Clients Say

"Your talk was transformational."

Kudos to Robin Sherman! Your talk was transformational. Your tools relevant and practical. So glad I was there to witness it.

Vanessa C.

"Nicely done, Robin Sherman."

Such a powerful teaching with pointed questions, provocative information. You Rock!

Denise D

To check Robin’s availability, message her at Happiness@RobinSherman.com.


Bucks County, PA + Worldwide, Virtually


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